Your Questions About Ways To Conserve Water In Your Home

Ken asks…

What are some good ways to conserve on home heating, yet stay warm?

I have lived most of my life in Wisconsin, but I am currently living in western South Dakota. It gets plenty cold here. I am not worried about the heating expense, just that I want to conserve and be a bit more eco-friendly. What are good ways to conserve home energy in the winter?

admin answers:

If you can, use the plastic. Use flannel sheets on your at night. You can turn down the heat then. My daughter said to she uses electric heat towers. She said her electric is cheaper this way, than using her gas. If you live where you have access to woods, buy an outside wood burner. Ours is a Central Boiler,(we enclosed ours) they call it. We have hot water heat. We heat the house, garage,basement, water tank and another big building. I love it. We have propane and only fill our tank for cooking and also heating our water tank in the summer when we turn off the wood burner. Once a year. If your a handy man or have one. Maybe he or she can install it and then save alot of money. We have six thermostats in our house and we can control them each with whatever temperature we want. He calls them heat zones. You can tell I’m proud of him.

Helen asks…

What are some ways families can conserve energy and water at home?

Some easy ideas to help our environment at home without really taking time to do them. Plz help, I wanna help our Earth!
Im sorry to anyone who didn’t like ‘without taking time to do them’. I didn’t mean it like that! I meant like no big projects or anything. Sry again!

admin answers:

Ur big on saving water, you always turn off the sink when someone is using it!!!!!!!! Huhuhmmmmmm but good 4 u, im too lazy so i let it run. Uh ok i better answer the question before they take off pints, ummm turn sink off when not using it. Energy? Um solar panels, they hv many as u no in havaii. Ummm or wind power! So kool, very good for beach communitays, humhmhmh someone. Led lights instead of regular ones, turning lights off when leaving room or house. And of course cars! Get cars like pryis etc.

A few ways you can save money around the home are;

Installing CFLs in your home can reduce your annual electricity bill by 14% and last 6 to 8 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They are now widely available in many styles and designs for as low as $1.50 a bulb.

Insulation, you could consider installing cavity wall insulation or roof insulation. 25 – 40% of heat is lost through the walls and 25% through the roof. Installing both will signifigantly reduce your annual heating bills and you should beable to recoup the cost within 2 to 3 years. This will save about 2-3 tonnes of Co2 per year. The cost is about $750, but grants are available.

Purchase local produce and use tap water not bottled, not only does this support the local economy it also reduces the carbon emissions from food transport, which accounts for about 19% of all emissions.

The average household wastes $76 in stand-by a year, turn your appliances off when not in use.

Reduce your heating thermostat by 1 degree can reduce your heating bills by 10% per year. Reduce your hot water tank thermostat to 50 degrees, each 5.5 degree reduces you hot water heating cost by 13%. Put a thick insulation jacket on your hot water tank (about $20), this prevents heat loss from your tank and can save about $20 a year in hot water costs. Install low-flow showerheads (about $20) – They cut your shower water use in half, with no change in performance, saving more than $100 a year in hot water use.

-Dry your clothes on a clothesline.
-Turn off lights when you aren’t using them.
-Buy fluorescent light bulbs.
-Turn water off while brushing teeth.
-Some people only flush toilet after bowel movements (personally, that one has never been for me.)
-Do landscaping that requires less watering.
-Use sprinklers every other day only.
-Only run dishwasher when it is full.
-Try to limit showers to 10-minutes or less.
Yep yep yep

Thomas asks…

What are some good ways to conserve energy?

What are some good easy ways to conserve energy? Maybe even some that kids can have fun with. Thanks!

admin answers:

One great way to conserve energy is to throw a Pioneer Day at home (which I hear kids have a lot of fun with):

Pioneer Days (which are also known as Unplug Days) can give you a chance to disconnect (literally) from the TV, video games, etc and spend some quality time with the family as well as really reduce your energy consumption.

Here are a few other suggestions (less kid oriented):

1. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or LED Bulbs. CFLs will save you up to 75% of lighting costs and will save the environment from approximately 1,3000 pounds of carbon dioxide over the course of its lifetime. This is because CFLs use one-quarter to one-third as much electricity as incandescent bulbs and last up to ten times longer.

2. Turn off lights when you leave a room. Turn off lights that you don’t need (for example, if you are sitting at a desk reading, use a desk lamp instead of the overhead light).

3. Unplug electronics and battery chargers when you are not using them. Even when these items are turned off, they still draw electricity. This is called vampire power and all your small household electronics can draw power as your refrigerator. [Although perhaps you could make a game out of this with kids…i.e. Looking for the vampires and getting rid of them.]

4. Get an energy audit. Hire someone to come find the “weak spots” in your home and figure out how to improve them to save energy and save money on your energy bills. Try RESNET to locate a rater (NHER if you’re in the UK) or U.S. Department of Energy for instructions on how to perform a DIY energy audit.

5. Lower your thermostat a few degrees in the winter. An ideal temperature for a home is 68 degrees. If you leave the house for a prolonged period of time in the winter, turn the thermostat down more. This can save you between $10 and $30 per month on your heating bill. By turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours, you can save about 5 to 15% a year on heating bills. If you have an air-conditioning system, turn your thermostat up in summer (78 degrees when you’re home, 85 when you’re not). Install a programmable thermostat to schedule changes in temperature according to your schedule. These can save up to $115 annually on your energy bills.

6. Close your curtains or window shades during the night to keep in heat and open them during the day to let the sun warm your room and reduce heating needs. In the winter, opening curtains and shades in the day can let in sunshine and heat up your home. Closing curtains at night will prevent some heat from escaping and will reduce the chill from windows. In the summer, keep curtains and shades closed in the day to prevent unnecessary heat gain (especially if you are not at home).

7. When you are buying new appliances, go for Energy Star. They’re up to 40% more efficient than other models. You can even find rebates online with the Energy Star rebate finder.

8. If your heating equipment is over 15 years old, try Energy Star furnaces, boilers, etc. New furnaces are generally 15% more efficient than older models. Getting properly sized equipment is also crucial.

9. When you’re home, turn your water heater down to 120 degrees. When you’re away, turn it to its lowest setting.

10. Wash your clothes in cold water. 90% of the energy used by washing machines goes to heating water.

For more suggestions, try the first link in sources.

Daniel asks…

What is the best high pressure shower head?

Im looking for a SUPER high pressure shower head. I dont need to conserve water or anything like that./.. i just need a good.. high pressure shower head.:) my water pressure sucks.. i need somthing that will make a difference! tell me the brand and how [email protected]!.. cost is no issue…. by the way

admin answers:

We had a little one that you can get at Walmart or Home Depot for like $7…I think it was like a “military” style shower head- about 1 1/2″ around at the sprayer, then at the connection, it had a little button (gate valve) that would completely shut-off the flow, if you needed it to (grab a towel, the phone, etc…)
It had a heck of a blast for a little thing… We have had several in different houses that we have bought. Easy to put on with plumbers tape.

Lisa asks…

How would installing a solar water heater help to conserve the environment?

Hi, i’m considering installing a solar water heater to my home, but I was wondering in what ways does it actually help to conserve the environment?

admin answers:

A typical installation would cover a space of say 2 by 4 meters. That area would be heated any how, by the sun and it would cool down inthe night. If you make the installation the sun energy will not be wasted to heat up a part of your roof but it will be used to heat up water for your shower. So zero energy used from the grid.

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