Your Questions About Water Consumption Facts

George asks…

Why would martial arts masters not allow people to drink during training?

I train martial arts quite intensively and I have to say that one thing that my master and other teachers are particularly annoying about is the fact that you can drink only when they allow you to. Sometimes this means that you won’t touch water for 40-50 minutes. Now, don’t you think that people that sweat a lot have larger water consumption requirements?

admin answers:

You really shouldn’t “drink” any water during training- during my 4 hour black belt test we were not allowd to drink at all-it causes stomich cramps and you could throw up. What you should do, is instead of swallowing water swoosh it around in your mouth- the tissues in your mouth will obsorb the water that your body needs without cramping your stomich.

Linda asks…

is there any way to get the soap out of water so shower water could be used to water my lawn?

i want to conserve water by draining the water from my shower and sinks into a holding tank or something so i can then pump it out onto my lawn and reduce my water consumption but the soap would probably kill my lawn eventually or leave a greasy residue….any ideas on how i could get that out of the water and make it clean enough to use on my lawn?

admin answers:

GRAYWATER is water from lavatories, baths, showers, and washers. Some include water from the kitchen sink and dishwasher. As this comprises 50% to 80% of water consumed in the home, it seems logical to want to salvage this waste water for irrigation. In fact, plants seem to do well on this water as it contains bits of nutrients.
However, most jurisdictions discourage, if not ouright ban the use of graywater as it also has been shown to contain unsafe organisms and contaminates. Therefore, when approved, the system requires that storage must not be allowed to accumulate over 24 hours, and often require subterranean discharge. Meeting the requirements for recycling often demands expensive and complicated systems for filtering, salvaging, and distributing the waste water. Some classify graywater as sewage and do not allow its collection or reuse.
AN ALTERNATIVE that should not encounter this bias, nor require specialized materials and installation is a RAINWATER collector system. Investigate the benefits of this elementary yet effective source for water collecition before you start construction of a graywater system.

William asks…

My bunny drinks a lot of water is that normal?

I have a six years old dwarf bunny. I refill his water bottle at least three times a day. It is not hot inside my apartment in fact it is quite cool so I am not understanding his abundant amount of water consumption. (I thought I bought a rabbit not a Camel!) His bottle holds about 16-20 Floz does anyone else have to do this? Is this normal, because I did not have to do it this much when I first got him. ( I have had him for two years)

admin answers:

A 6 year old rabbit who begins drinking a lot of water may have failing kidneys. He is considered a senior citizen at that age.
As long as he is eating, drinking and has normal feces and urine output
then I would just keep an eye on him. You can always buy a larger water bottle. They do come in different sizes- I use the 32 oz. Size.

Maria asks…

Why should we be concerned about water consumption in California?

I need some specific causes, reasons with proof and facts. Not just because, “Its the right thing to do.” I already know that. Im just looking for more ideas to help me out with a presentation I have to do for my class final.

admin answers:

Here’s a fact for you: about 75% of the water in California is from Northern California, and about 75% of the people live in Southern California. This creates a problem of transporting the water. Most of southern California is pretty dry, but they need a lot of water; and with transporting water, you inevitable lose some (through evaporation and such), so to make up for people should consume less water.

Sharon asks…

What effect does boiling drinking water have on the water itself ?

What effect does boiling tap water prior to consumption, have on the water itself ? What happens to the minerals (like fluoride found in tap water) after boiling ?

admin answers:

Boiling water kills any microbes in it. IT may drive off any disolved air. Any minerals in the water will remain in the water, in fact, they will become slightl concentrated due to the loss of some water as steam.


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