Your Questions About Water Consumption And Weight Loss

Donald asks…

What has more benefits a vegan or vegetarian diet for weight loss?

I have been looking for a good diet and these 2 seemed like the healthiest but i don’t know which one would benefit me more in weight loss. being vegan or vegetarian seems like a really good lifestyle and i would like to stick to it after my ideal weight loss. But for now i want to focus on the weight loss. I would love to hear opinions on every ones point of view.

admin answers:

What you are talking about is a life style change not a diet. Diets are temporary and do not last. Also neither a vegan or vegetarian diets has more weight loss benefits than the other. Weight loss has to do with metabolism, diet, and exercise. Basically you just need to watch how many calories you are taking in daily. Vegetarians and vegans are definitely not always skinny. Although their limited diets consist of foods that are lower in calories they also deprive the body of important nutrients if care is not taken. I suggest becoming a pescatarian (i.e. Essentially a vegetarian that eats fish and seafood). Regardless you do not need to become a vegan ect… To lose weight. Eat lean meat, plenty of fruits and vegtables, whole grain wheat breads, and drink plenty of water. Just limit your consumption. One should never eat until he/she feels “full”. Also people who eat throughout the day tend to weigh less. Eat small meals ( lunch example: sandwich(bread,meat, maybe cheese/ a yogurt/ and an apple) and eat a small snack in between to prevent hunger (carrots, celery, or a banana). Most people overeat because of prolonged hunger. And finally make sure you get at least 30min. Of exercise daily.

Charles asks…

When do you start to notice weight loss?

Okay, i started dieting yesterday and i’m only eating around 900-1300 calories a day, drinking tons of water and doing a little bit of moderate excercise, the thing is i don’t have a target weight loss i’m sort of just waiting until i’m happy with what i see, but how long could it take to see even the minimum of results? I’m 6ft, weigh 190 lbs and i’m 16..

admin answers:

Well, 1st of all, your caloric intake should never be below 1500/day, and for men the suggest 2000/day. Going any lower than this, you will start to feel run down and all around crappy. If this happens you are more likely to stop exercising. I would recommend upping your calories. Men on average, burn more calories than women.

The 1st 2 weeks is usually your greatest weight loss. You could loose up to 8-10 lbs in these 2 weeks. After that, because the lack of food consumption, your metabolism does slow down a little, and weight loss will probably be 1-2 lbs per week.

Another tip – watch carb intake up to 4 hours before bed. If you get too many carbs this close to bed, you don’t burn them and they turn to fat.

Hope this helps & good luck!

Robert asks…

Will sodas contribute greatly to weight gain?

I’m 5,10 180 pounds trying to lose weight. I try to watch what I eat as much as I can so my workouts don’t go to waste. But I drink a LOT of soda, but I drink a lot of water with it. Will my soda consumption affect my weight loss?

admin answers:

Yeah sodas aren’t good for your diet. Try drinking more fruit juice in place of the sodas. That’s what I do and it helps me.

Lisa asks…

Are there any supplements that i can take to help muscle growth or weight loss?

so Im a junior in High School, and im 6 foot 1 and about 215-220lbs.

i just started lifting weights with my stepdad and he and I have been taking Jack3d supplement, and im not sure how effective it is.

so my question is:

is there any effectivee supplements that will help muscles to grow quicker and larger when i workout? and are there supplements that will do the same for weight loss?

admin answers:

I dont recommend creatine because as mentioned before can be very dangerous if not used in the right manner for your age
However, the absolute best thing you can do is by eating naturally occurring proteins and not the artificial. During my experience through rowing, if you are planning on muscle growth and weight loss, is to consume a small meal such as a few pieces of fruit, a few eggs maybe (just general breakfast i guess) a few hrs before any serious workout and plenty of water. You could take a form of protein supplement but your body breaks them down differently and could cost a fair amount in the end $$$ . Following training, eat a decent amount of protein and carbohydrate rich food- this will eventually increase your metabolism (the rate basically your body burns or uses up calories) If you really want to increase your metabolism, leading to further weight loss, is through a number of ways

1. Increasing muscle mass- muscles tissue expenditures more energy then that of fat cells
2. Doing endurance based workouts expanding over a 30minute time period (A 50minute erg, hr bike ride, hr run etc)
3. Change in diet – Consuming more meals per day but of a great lesser proportion (must research)

However, ultimately, there are no commercial supplements that will lead to a fast weight loss or muscle increase (Even though muscle gain usually is also characterised by weight gain- depending upon your body figure. You would usually find that your fat tissue will be replaced by muscle – You will experience weight loss, followed by weight gain of muscle) It comes down to just how much effort you are putting into your gym and workout periods. It is fine to use supplements, however they arnt always effective. Try just eating a small carb/ protein meal before a workout, followed by a large consumption or proteins such as fish, eggs, a meaty sandwich etc within 25minutes after your workout

Hope this helps, but i am not a nutritionist and it would be best to consult one if you are really keen, this is just worked for me
Hope it helps and best of luck 🙂

Mandy asks…

What is considered a dangerous weight loss?

I have lost 2 kilos within 2 days due to diarrhea and have a loss of appetite. The doctor says there is nothing to be worried about. therefore I would like to know at what rate weight loss would be a signal of a dangerous illness?

admin answers:

I assure you that you did not lose 2 kilos of fat or muscle. You lost mostly 2 kilos of water and possibly undigested solids. Please stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Avoid packaged drinks because they can contains additives like aspartame, sugar, colorings, preservatives, MSG, and other unhealthy ingredients. If you want juice, squeeze it from fresh fruit. Better yet, drink water and eat the fruit whole for more fiber.

Please just watch your calorie consumption and don’t let it get too low or too high. Either could trigger unhealthy weight gain in the long run.

For optimal health in the long-run, avoid too much dairy, meat, and pre-packaged foods. Focus more on whole fruits, vegetables, non-gluten whole grains (not processed commercial cereals), a variety of beans, and some nuts.

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