Your Questions About Water Conservation Garden

Helen asks…

is there a company that pays you to replace your garden with a dry garden?

is there a water conservation company that pays you to take out your garden and replace it with artificials

admin answers:

No…why would they? Unless you own an acre of a garden, the costs of watering it are minimal, not to mention an artificial garden would be most costly to the environment and to their wallets. Their are programs to help manage water or convert agricultural land to protected areas, but not individual gardens. There’s no point in that.

Maria asks…

Is salt chlorinated water bad for lawn and plants? If so, how can it be neutralised for re-use in the garden.?

Conservation of natural resources is prime. Emptying a pool of its contents into a re-usable place like the garden makes more environmental and financial sense.

admin answers:

If water has been standing a while then chlorine is evaporated- salt is another problem vegtable plants can not tolerate salt- enough salt will ruin the ground

Mark asks…

can i get permission to build small two bedroom bungalow in garden for parents we are not overlooked at all?

i have a very large garden to which i would like my parents to build a bungalow in we are not overlooked at all and we are by a river and our house is and old water mill in conservation area so it would be built in stones as the old building so it wouldnt look out of place basically we will build another small barn really in keeping with the area.

admin answers:

Yes okay!…….
Aren’t you a good Daughter!

Call your local council they’ll want to see the plans for the proposed dwelling, if there is noone overlooking your property, then there should be noone who would object to it.

George asks…

Garden lime, or Ca(OH)2, is produced from calcium oxide, or CaO, by the addition of water, H2O,?

Garden lime, or Ca(OH)2, is produced from calcium oxide, or CaO, by the addition of water, H2O, as in the folling equation:

CaO + H2O -> Ca(OH)2

Answers are

a) decomposition
b) conservation of matter
c) combination
d) displacement
e) ionic

admin answers:

This is a …… C) combination reaction

& as with any balanced equation, there is …. B) conservation of matter

Robert asks…

why do we waste water in america??

water is our most valuable resource and we use water,lots of it, in many ways. But did you know that we use water faster than nature can naturally recycle it? We use our water for drinking,bathing, cooking and cleaning. We also use our water for swimming,fishing,boating,and gardening,but we must remember to conserve water because it is a limited resource! Now is the time to get everyone involved in water conservation because the future of our water supply is in our hands! Take the time to think about the ways you use water everyday and look for ways you can use water less. It is time to make the most of our water before it goes down the drain, it is time to reduce our use !

admin answers:

It REALLY isnt that big of a deal. It isnt like oil that when it;s gone, it;s gone forever. Water is contantly recycled, and the second it goes down the drain, it goes to the water place, gets cleaned, and it drunk/bathed in/peed in by someone else.

The water you drink from your kitchen was once in someone’s toilet.

We will NEVER run out of water. Period.

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