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Paul asks…

First time rain barrel user…?

I just bought my first rain barrel. We have had a ton of rain here in the Mid-west so I haven’t had a need to use the reserve water. This has caused the standing water in the barrel to mold.
Any suggestions? Can I clean it? Does it matter if it’s moldy?
Thank you for responding!
All clear with the law Nata. The barrel was bought from the Wisconsin Waste Management.

And thanks for the suggestions Bob!

admin answers:

How about putting a copper plate into the barrel. Copper strips are commonly used on roof tops so that the ions leached out would protect the roof from mold and mildew.

William asks…

Dead Rats in outside trash barrel.?

Ok this is disgusting but this morning my husband took out the kitchen trash to empty barrels. (as yesterday was trash day) and inside the bottom of the barrel were 6 dead rats. I didn’t look but, he said they were baby rats. The barrel was standing up with no holes in the bottom. How did they get there? It rained last night so we thought they may have been poisoned & were looking for water but six of them? Do they jump? And if so how high? I thought someone may have put them there but, they would have to go up our driveway, past our car & into the backyard. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.

admin answers:

Possible a mother rat went in the bin for food and gave birth to the baby rats. (Or even multiple adult rats).

Rats can climb up walls but i doubt a baby rat could so that tells me they were born in there OR someone (like your neighbours kids) put them there for some reason. Sounds from your situation unlikely though.

And like you said yes they could have been poisened and looking for water. Either that or they died from birth or drowning.

Dont know why your worrying about it too much though just keep the barrel sealed or have poison laying around for them. For all you know they could be crawling through the walls in your house so its worth keeping an eye and ear out for them.

Sharon asks…

My Horse has a fling with a wheel barrel?

This is weird but my horse absolutely loves the wheel barrel. When I bring it in his corral he smells it and rubs his head and his butt on it. He also likes to bite it. When I’m done cleaning up he’ll watch me open the gate and he’ll knock it over so I have to restart. Also if I don’t leave it by his corral he gets weird and paces back and fourth. I’ve also seen him standing out in the rain with it. He doesn’t have a problem being ridden without it near by just when he’s in his stall or corral. My question is how do I get him used to not having the wheel barrel around? I’ll Be taking him to several rodeos out of state and I cant fit that in his trailer. I know this is a weird and kinda funny question but please help. Thanks

admin answers:

I would just move it away, he will pace for a while and might make a fuss, but eventually he’ll get over it and find something else to do.

Carol asks…

How do I store my rainwater until I can use it?

I’m using a simple bucket to catch the rain water that comes out of my gutters (like a rain barrel, but cheaper). I know that standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes so I brought my bucket into the house, but I’d prefer to store it somewhere else as I have a small puppy who likes to get into things and from one rain my bucket it full. Can I put a rubbermaid storage container in my backyard and put the water in it as it comes and then put the lid on the container or will this promote mold growth since it’ll be dark and warm since our weather as been between 80-90* lately. What do you recommend?

admin answers:

So long as you cover it, to keep mosquitos out it should be fine. I have large tanks which I use to collect for the garden, but catch some in buckets and cover then also.

Nancy asks…

letting your kids get dirty… how do you react?

Yesterday was the first decent weather day it seems we’ve had all summer. so the kids i nanny and myself were outside all day. by the afternoon we found the rain barrel was full to the top (shocking seeing as all it’s done is rained for the past 2 months) so we dumped it into the empty part of the flower bed. the kids LOVED it. (age 3 and 2) they jumped in it, played with it etc. then the 3 yr old decided to try a head stand… he lost his balance and ended up with mud all down his back. they were putting it on each other, and in each others hair etc. i have never seen such dirty kids in my life! to think people pay for this stuff at the spa. i loved watching them test the consistancy of the mud, and even just the ‘fun’ aspect of it great. however, there was still a part of me that just cringed when they started getting it into their hair… lol my question is as parents/caregivers do you have that cringing part of you that wants to prevent your kids from getting dirty? do you let them anyways? or are you totally fine with it? or never allow them to get THAT dirty?
cold, december, california…hahaha to us cold is like -50 celcius from nov.-april i live in winnipeg, manitoba, canada…. (‘winterpeg’) ok this isn’t the 1st nice day, but its one of only a handful

admin answers:

Where do you live? Maybe i’m just sheltered by the California Sunshine but you’ve only had one good day of summer? My in-laws live in New York and they claim it’s been a bad summer with little sunshine. It makes me appriciate California we have fog in the morning and sunshine in the afternoons, it’s nice we only have cold days in December and spring starts up again in Mid January, it does rain through most of the spring months, but that just makes for a greener summer!

Anyway, God made children washable so they could get dirty! I let my kids get dirty all they want, I know I can wash it off later.

Edit: LOL WOW that is really cold! Cold to me is 60F-45F that’s as cold as it gets here! (that’s 15.55° Celsius to 10° Celsius)

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