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Donald asks…

Rain Barrel Questions?

I am planning to build a Rain Barrel system for my school as a Green Team Project. The thing is the Gutter is located a far away. My plan is to either A: Set up the barrel and use a really really long hose to the Garden and then using one of those dividers to connect 2-3 other hoses. Option B is to set up one barrel at the site of the gutter run a hose to a second bin and then run a hose from that to water. The thing is i like option b better because i can fence barrel two in so no one gets the idea to tip it. Will the water pressure from barrel one be enough to push the water 90 degrees up the barrel? Thats where the hole will be located.

Now on to my other dilemma. I want to plant some fruit berring plants . I can’t go and water in the summer and nor do i want to go water the entire garden everyday. Now you say lazy and i say I’m going back to my elementary school to do this so im not always there. I want to get a small digital timer that opens and closes to control the water but does not have to be reset. So once it’s set up it will just be maintaining the system.

I was just going to run a hose all around the garden about three and poke holes in them so i get something like a sprinkler just way more complicated.
Ok Option b wasn’t explained very well. So i put one bin at the site of the gutter. Then i set up another bin at the garden. They will be connected by a hose. From the second bin(Garden) i will set up the hoses from there. The first bin only acts at a catcher and the second bin will act as the real storage bin.

admin answers:

Your collecting barrel needs to be elevated above the garden are definitely. I am not sure you are explaining your option “b” very well, but in order to draw anything out through the top bung, you have to have water storage above that to get water out of the lower barrel’s top bung.

You are not going to have very great water pressure due to 3 things, 1) diameter of the hose and fittings. 2) distance of hose, and 3) gravity. The last one can only be addressed by raising the height of the barrel above that of the garden, and you really need to consider putting it bung side down and run your collecting barrel into that barrel via a small hole cut into the bottom (now top of the reservoir barrel.

Weeper type hoses can work, but you need them right next to the plant you are watering. If you are thinking of using drip tubing, keep the runs as short as possible and as large a diameter as possible. Also check with local and state regulations, in some areas and some states rain collecting barrels are not permitted due to water use regulations.

Michael asks…

How do you get rid of mosquitoes in rain barrels?

So i have a rain barrel and it’s been raining the past couples days, and it’s about a quarter full. Then i thought that this would be a breeding ground for mosquitoes so i need some way to prevent that. I tried looking it up, but the only things i could find were get rid of thing that can hold water, which isn’t helpful, because i’m planning to use the the barrel for watering my plants.

So, i need something that prevents mosquitoes and doesn’t kill my plants when i go to water them.

admin answers:

You can purchase mosquito dunks at home depot or lowes. They contain BTI, a 50 year old pesticide that kills the heck of mosquitos, but does not affect birds and other wildlife that might drink the water. It is also saft for the plants too!

Paul asks…

Can you make a rain barrel out of an outdoor garbage can?

So, I have 4 perfect downspouts on my house just waiting to have rain barrels put under them…but at $65 each, “real” rain barrels are a complete rip-off!

Has anyone ever made a rain barrel out of a Rubbermaid-type outdoor garbage can (a new one, of course). I am thinking of doing this and found plans online, but my husband says the garbage can wouldn’t be strong enough to hold up under the pressure of the water inside.

If you’ve done this, I’d love to hear from you…tips? Pros? Cons? Thanks!!

admin answers:

Yes, I have used plastic garbage bins for rainwater. They stand up to the water just fine, buy the kind without the little wheels but don’t even think about moving them when they’re even half full of water, and put them on a firm level base. VERY tippy! The only disadvantage I found was that it’s difficult to put a spigot in them because the plastic isn’t thick enough to really take hold of the spigot, and the one I put a spigot in tended to leak. If you can find used plastic barrels that haven’t had some noxious chemical in them, they work fine and are heavy enough for a spigot. Or, you should be able to find a pump to use unless you don’t mind scooping by hand or siphoning. You can still buy galvanized metal cans too.

Betty asks…

How to clean a barrel to catch rain water?

How can I or what can or what can I use to clean out a 55 gallon plastic drum that used to contain degreaser? I don’t know the condition yet of the drum and plan on using it to catch rainwater from a down spout and use on plants (not the edible ones).

admin answers:

A water hose and a long handled scrub brush.

Chris asks…

ok now that i have rain barrels?

need info on micro watering systems for rain barrels i plan on installing.

admin answers:

A valve at the bottom of the barrel a hose to the garden then a hose to water the plants with small holes in it

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