Your Questions About How To Conserve Water

Charles asks…

What is a catchy saying to put on a poster that would motivate people to conserve water?

In school we have to make a poster and I want to have a cute little saying that would motivate people to conserve water on there. But…. I cant think of one. Does anyone have an idea of what I could put on there?

admin answers:

Geez thats tough…well…off the top of my head maybe,

Water, – lets not waste even a drop!

WaTeR!! Endangered Species? Lets make sure it survives!

KEEP it CLEAN People! Lets conserve it! Water – my anit drug

I know there stupid, but i hope it gets the juices flowin for ya!

Good luck, let me know what u come up with 🙂

Maria asks…

What five things conserve water in a household?

IM doing a math project an i need to know five things that conserve water in a household. Any help please?

admin answers:

Wow, that’s a math project: Here goes some answers, there are many more but these may be some that people don’t think about.

-Collect rain water to water plants
-Use mulch around your trees and plants to keep moisture
-Insulate your pipes, esp in winter months
-Check for leaks
-Go to the laudro-mat to wash clothes

James asks…

How is the kangaroo rat nephron better suited to conserve water when compared to the human nephron?

How is the kangaroo rat nephron better suited to conserve water when compared to the human nephron?

admin answers:

A kangaroo nephron has a long Loop Henle the absorbs more water into the blood than that of a human being nephron.the bowmans capsule of a kangaroo rat is so small so as to filter little blood than that of a human being.there is also few nephrons in a kangaroo rat than that of a man so as to filter little blood also.

Mandy asks…

How can we conserve water from kitchen sink?

I would like to conserve water from my kitchen sink and need your help. There are times when I need to use hot water and run the tap until the water gets hot. I would like to buy/make a hose that I can attach to my sink so I can run the water to another container. Kitchen water taps are threaded so an aerator can be screwed on, is there a hose that can be similarly attached to save water?

admin answers:

My kitchen tap is about as far from the water heater as you can get so it takes a very long time to heat up. I’ve been thinking of getting a small tankless water heater to put under the sink, it would provide instant hot water but should I run it for any length of time, it would shut off when the hot water finally does arrive from the water heater. It would be electric as a gas line might be difficult to run but since it only runs when the tap is on and any sustained use will still be heated water from the central water heater, it shouldn’t be a significant increase in power use. The washer is also quite far away from the water heater, this hasn’t been bothering me as I don’t actually feel what temperature the washing water is but I’ll bet that if I put a tankless heater there, the clothes will be cleaner. With the laundry room, a gas tankless heater would be possible as the dryer runs on gas and the room has an exterior wall. The downside would be cutting a hole in the brick wall for the exhaust vent.

Sharon asks…

How do squirrels conserve water when they hibernate?

how do squirrels conserve water when they hibernate? my cousin needs to know for a school and has no internet so I offered help.

admin answers:

Squirrels don’t hibernate. Chipmunks hibernate some winters, but not all winters. In fact, biologists don’t even call it true hibernation anymore. Some of the older websites on it use the word but they are intended for lay people not other scientists. Perhaps they feel the use of the word there is more concise for their purposes. Squirrels store acorns and remember where they buried them for the hard times. Although they do build nests in trees around here and sleep a lot. You never really see them in the winter. Wonder where they all go. Incidentally, honeybees just eat all the honey all winter and don’t hibernate, though they might be nearing the end of their short life cycle anyway, despite that having no direct bearing on the question.

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