Rain Barrels And Some Neat Alternatives

Using rain barrels to harvest rainwater from your roof is a simple, low-expense solution for conserving water and saving on your water bill. Water conservation isn’t something new and saving it for future gardening or even car washing can come in handy.

A rain barrel will help reduce the demand on the local water supply. During summer peak months, it can collect about 1,300 gallons of water depending on where you live. It can capture and keep water that can be used later. It is an efficient way to use a free source. It not expensive and they are easy to make and install.

Barrelshelp reduce erosion, storm water flow, flooding and pollution. Rain water is naturally soft and oxygenated with more acidic than tap water. It doesn’t have any chlorine, calcium or lime. But it is not considered as drinkable water. The water was on the roof and so were birds and maybe other animals. The water can be contaminated with bacteria and other disease causing organisms from birds and animals waste left on the roof. Watering plants, washing cars and doing household chores is an ideal way to use rain water.

You can buy a rain barrel to collect rain water, use your own buckets to create a home-made alternative. One alternative to the rain barrel is the cistern. It is very similar to a barrel, but it is bigger and located underground. Cisterns require a more complicated catchment system and will cost more money than a barrel. It will be less of an eyesore, however. A cistern can easily provide non-potable water for in-house use.

Another way to collect rainwater is to build a drainage system that collects in a manmade. This pond should gather all your rainwater. It is an attractive way to be green, and although the water can be harvested to wash the car or do the laundry, it might just be better to look at. Plus, the water’s not really going to waste. It’s only there temporarily until it evaporates and falls as rain somewhere else. It’s kind of like a halfway house for rain.

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